So… Almost a year ago I was a green belt in karate (I was taken out of Karate because I had a crush and was friends with a 28 year old). I signed me and my parents up for a family picnic my Mom said she wanted to go to, I told her I was going to sign just myself up, but she said she wanted to go. On the day of the picnic, my mom decided her and my dad were going to skateboard, So they dropped me off… Alone… At a Family picnic. 

So that was awkward explaining to my sensei why I was there alone. I saw a boy I know, mainly because I spent all of the previous day filling water balloons with him. So I talked to him a bit. After a while more people showed up and being an awkward, weird, asocial girl… I hid in the woods reading An Interview With a Vampire and pretended I was alone. When I came out of the woods to ATTEMPT socialization like a normal human PRAISE THE NONEXISTENT LORD.

 I saw 2 guys from my karate class. I was 1 of 2 teenagers in my karate class. Me and the other girl was polar opposites, I was this rough, 90’s grunge, rap rock, rap metal lover who dressed like a boy, she was a smart, beautiful, athletic, and sweet girl. So these guys were older one of them is a teacher (Which is dope). Anyways I saw them and felt relief because if you’re thrown in a small dojo together, you get to know each other so they knew me decently well. 

They were “surprised” by my outfit. Usually I wore baggy jeans and a baggy band shirt… I wore tight, black and white, short shorts, a neon green and white, flowy haulter top, and pink converse. So we talked for a bit… There was a second sensei guy person human (fairly attractive and younger). He was decently into rock and I managed to switch the conversation to music. 

We got in line to get food. I talked about how my mom walks in my room while I was pretending to be on stage… I showed one of the Ariel Bloomer moves and quietly sung a verse of Make a Move. After I got my food (very little vegetarian friendly food may I say), I realized I had no family to eat with and I didn’t want to eat alone… I awkwardly waddled, no joke waddled over to the teacher and his family and I was like. “Hey…. I’m here alone… Can I eat with you and your family?” Thankfully he said yeah. 

He and his wife are amazing and caring teachers I wish I had in public school. Mad Love to them. So after I ate my fill of various potato salads and a few sweets before they ran out. I wanted to be a mature and put together 15 year old and not go in the bounce house. They told me I should so… I RAN for the bounce house no one keeps me out of there. It was fun for 5 minutes. So no more awkward weirdness besides the fact I pretty much just chilled with his family the whole time. So fast forward to post water balloon fight… Which was epic I didn’t get hit a lot and I tried getting the younger more attractive sensei which  failed he dumped a water bottle on me… I tried dumping it on him… 

Any ways. I was chilling and talking. A (very kind) woman pulled me away and told me my bikini top was about to malfunction… Awkward! Later on I tried tickling the younger sensei and almost got elbowed in the face… But back to the chatting amd chilling thing… They called the dad’s to do the tug of war… Guess what I did… I just grinned at the teacher guy who I was hanging out with. He cracked a joke similar to “what, am I your stand in dad.” Or something like that. And without thinking I said “yeah.” Boy do I hate myself sometimes… That’s pretty much my tale of cringe and self hate about that… Hope you all liked my tale of being an awkward humans person. 

By the way that day sort of sealed the deal about me being friends with the teacher. After I left karate I actually MISSED the teacher.


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