No, I do not identify as a tomboy. I think only classifying men who wears dresses and skirts as cross dressers stupid. Plus I wear clothes from Men sections. Today I wore a men’s Skrillex shirt (He is a bomb DJ), men’s swim trunks, boxer briefs, a CAMI tank top, and a regular bra. I am also wearing my 3 year old DC hightops. I hate it when people say “Oh, you mean you’re a tomboy.” Because, no, if I meant tomboy I would say tomboy, even though yes I like hobbies more geared towards the male’s liking. Video Games, Rap Rock music (like Old School Papa Roach, Linkin Park, and Limp Bizkit), skateboarding, and watching super hero movies (Deadpool is my favorite but he’s an antihero). I used to “like sports” because guys thought sports were cool. I openly admit to hating anything that involves any strenuous activity. Says the girl who used to be in Karate, but after a while I only showed up because I had 2 friends, both were adults, and both were over 25, aaaand, no they weren’t creepy perves, one was a teacher who has seen me in a dress once and a skirt 3 times. The other one See’s all my cute outfits cuz he’s bae… And really hot for a nerdy gamer guy. A little secret, I only started to wear make up, shave my legs, and wear “girly” clothes so my second friend would like me.


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