So, you know that awkward moment where you have a best friend of the opposite gender. Well my best friend is the opposite gender and 20 years older than me. Don’t go off telling me “He’s only friends with you because he is a filthy pedophile that wants to take advantage of you.” Cuz he’s not, he has a girlfriend… 3 kids and 2 bands, and I am NOT worth it. My other 2 besties is a 28 year old guy, and a 45 year old guy, both are not interested. But the one I am in love with actively knows I am in love with him. My parents think he is disgusting but I see past that, I have been friends with him longer than anyone else in my life (minus my parents). But seeing pics of him with his girlfriend kills me. I don’t say anything because, well, I love him. I know I can’t have him, so I can at least let him be happy. And all you guys saying “You’re only 16, this is a phase, you don’t really love him.” Again, wrong, I have felt this way about him pretty much since 2 months after I met him 10 months ago. I talk to him as much as I can, we live in 2 different country’s. He lives in Canada and I, America. He always brings a smile to my face and he has helped me through some hard times. So say what you may, I love him.


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