Thing One: Work on fanfiction

I don’t have data or anything so I tend to just open my notepad app and work on some of the fanfiction I write. I write tons of fanfiction, like too much for it to be socially acceptable. On my Quotev I have over 60 fanfictions and quizzes.

Thing Two: Work on blog posts

I sometimes go into my notepad and work on some blog posts. I have a second blog just dedicated to my music tastes and preferences so I like to prep posts for that. This is also a pre prepped post.

Thing Three: Zone Out

I tend to do this on really long car trips, I just put in my ear buds and zone out for a good hour or two. When I zone out I tend to imagine meeting my best friend. Or being on tour with him (he’s a musician, and a talented one at that)

Thing Four: Play Games on my Tablet

I tend to play Dumb Ways to Die or Goat Simulator. I love those games, I’m addicted. I love the glitches goat simulator has and I love the strategy you need for Dumb Ways to Die.


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