I’m a shy girl, I seriously don’t know how some people manage to get me out of my shell, like my friend from karate who is in his late 20’s managed to get me open up quite a bit, I have tons of internet best friends, only one of which I would trust all my secrets to, but I feel safer on the internet, this guy in my old karate class managed to get me to open up to him even though he is a real person I love to hug and all that jazz. I think it’s because he and I have a lot in common, he is seriously a more nerdy, not punk, older, male version of me. Being shy isn’t a bad thing you should try to break out of, being shy can get you out of some serious situations, like you can avoid saying offensive stupid crap, sadly for me, even when I do open up I say stupid crap. Mainly because I am so weird and awkward and want to show off to my friend. You also can remain unnoticed in large crowds. With me I have a lot of anxiety along with being shy so not being talked to helps keep my anxiety in check. Shyness also leads to being able to surprise people, I was very shut in, I didn’t open up a lot until my friend started coming to karate, but people were surprised by my love of metal and hard rock. Being shy isn’t a bad thing, because when you do open up people will see it as a right of passage into your life. I don’t really know how other people see I just know how it is for me. Finding people who don’t care about my shyness and social anxiety is great because I know they won’t force me into situations I wouldn’t feel safe or comfortable in.


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