1.) “You’re too young to know how you feel.”

This is seriously one of the most annoying things to hear. My dad doesn’t know that I am bisexual, but he is aware I have bisexual friends. He has said that my friends don’t know what their sexuality is. It’s even more annoying that straight kids don’t get this treatment. A girl has a crush on a boy it’s cute, but if a girl likes another girl HOLD UP, STOP THE PRESSES, she doesn’t know what she wants yet.

2.) 3 ways and everyone all the time

Being bi doesn’t mean we always want to sleep with a boy and a girl at the same time. I hate when guys are always grilling you about wanting to join him and his girlfriend. A lot of bisexuals work the same way any other person works. Some of us are down to do that and has tons of sex, some of us want to be in a serious relationship and to be with one person.

3.) “Do you like them?”

No, I don’t like every person I see other street. I don’t even know them and/or they aren’t my type, just like how straight and gay people have types, so do we, we all don’t have a common type though. I personally am attracted to alternative women, women
who look punk or obviously in the rock and punk scenes, I’m more attractive to extremely feminine women or extremely masculine women, and I have the same type for guys. Another bi girl could like preppy girls and jockey guys.

4.) “It’s just a phase.”

No, it’s not just a phase. You wouldn’t expect your kid to be going through a phase if they liked the opposite gender so why is it magically a phase to like both?

5.) “You’re not fully out yet.”

Yes I understand some gay and lesbian people do say their bi as a bridge mechanism to ease their friends and family into them being gay or lesbian, but not every bi person is secretly one. I really like guys and I really like girls. I’m not secretly a lesbian so please stop saying I am.

That’s all I have so far. Can you guys relate? If you’re not Bi and you catch yourself doing this please stop, it’s not funny or cute.


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