Hey! I have this down to pretty much a science. I am a “generally attractive female” on the internet. I am homeschooled so I a lot of my friends are on the internet. I also have encountered my fair share of creeps, pervs, and jerks. Creeps and Pervs are more common than jerks.

Perverts and Creeps

Perverts and Creeps tend to try and find information out on you. If you have a “cute” profile pictures, they might tend to ask things like. “Where you from?” and tend to make a lot of comments on your looks. Also it may not be immediately, but they will start asking for more… risqué photos. They’ll begin to act like you owe them photos like that.


Jerks tend to act like they’re better than you. They will complain about their lives constantly and act like your issues are insignificant. They’ll try to cool your life so you pay attention to only them.

I hope this helps you guys find real internet friends. When you spot a creep or jerk block them and move on to making a new friend. They’re not worth your time.


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