1.) “You should be a tattoo artist”

This bugs me so much. I know it’s meant to be a compliment, but the style I draw in is meant for paper, not flesh. Using a tattoo gun is way different than drawing in a sketch book.

2.) Can you draw me?

Before you ask this, ask yourself…
“Am I a close friend of this person?”
“Does this person has a busy life?”
If you are a close friend and I have time, of course I’ll draw you, I drew my best friend twice and another friend once. I generally have the time, but if I barely know you, I won’t draw you, I have fanfictions to write.

3.) Can you draw realistically? Can you draw cartoons?

Does it matter, either way you’ll ask me to draw something. Or you’ll just snatch my sketchbook and look for yourself.

4.) Can you teach me to draw?

No, I’m not an art teacher and it took me years to get this good. I am not spending years to teach you how to draw, unless you’re cute.

That’s all the questions that bug me. comment what bugs you!


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