So if you guys didn’t know, my best friend is 20 years older than me. So being 16 with a 36 year old best friend can be… unique at times. Sadly he hand I don’t hang out in real life, we live to at apart, but still you get people dissing him and you. “He’s just a creep, he wants to have sex with you.” Which he doesn’t. At least while I am still 16. He has kids, I doubt he’d risk losing them. Anywhoooos! Another thing you get blessed with is them knowing if what you’re doing is stupid. I am the Queen of doing stupid stuff, some of the things aren’t as bad as others but still stupid as a whole. Another thing older friends are good at, they know teenager problems and they know how to help those issues, including depression. My friend has helped a lot with my depression. Having an older friend that knows what’s going on helps.


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