Moving sucks whether you’re old, young, teenager, it plain just sucks. I just moved and I hated it. This is why moving sucks…

1.) Packing

Packing sucks because you have to think about “Will I wear this before we move?” “Will I use this?” “Will I read this before I move?” Then if you say no and pack it up, you’re screwed.

2.) Loading the Truck

This isn’t the worst, but it totally sucks when the truck is too small. That happened when me and my parents moved. My dad and I were up till 3 loading up the car. That really sucked.

3.) Unfamiliar Land

When you first move, it’s almost unreal. Especially when you live in a high rise like me, it almost feels like you’re staying in a fancy hotel, the kitchen isn’t yours, you don’t know how to work anything, and everyone is oddly nice to me.

4.) Home Sickness

I got home sick really bad. I didn’t have my own room, I didn’t know anyone, no one knew me. The house was set up completely different, we mostly had new furniture. We got new bed clothes too.

5.) Shutting The Door

This was the hardest thing for me. I cried when we shut the door for the last time. It’s really emotional, it’s like shutting the door on a part of your life.

That’s everything I have chosen, tell me what you hate about moving in the comments.


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