Hey guys, I wanted to talk about a topic I discovered about a month ago, I am not going to mention the band, I’m not going to mention the singer, I’m not going to say the names of anyone who said this to me, I don’t want anyone to attack anyone else because unlike the band I actually don’t want people to be bullied. The things is, I made a comment because the lead singer is selling a book and saying that she is doing “Just for you, because I want to help you not make the mistakes…” She made. She was selling it under the guise of being charitable. I said if she wanted to be charitable that she would make it a youtube series or make a blog post about it. The ENTIRE FANDOM attacked me, and began to bring up things that wasn’t even relevant to the argument. They claim to be anti bullying but it’s okay if they’re bullying someone who questioned their morals. So I decided I hated her and her band mates, the weird thing is, I love their music, I love her channel, but I hate everything about them.


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