So recently,by recently I mean yesterday, I rode my bike for several miles with my parents. My friend was proud of me, it’s the same friend I always talk about, but if you’re new to this blog then you may not know who I am talking about, he’s my best friend and he is awesome in every way, but any who, he was really proud of me and it made me want to get in shape, start to work out, the thing is, it hurts, your muscles ache and you just want to die. That’s what I hate, I hate the feeling of. “Hey I want to die everything hurts please kill me.” I used to work out every day, I only focused on my abs and upper body, and my butt, because those are the only things I really don’t like about my physical body as of right now. Getting healthy is hard. Especially when you don’t have anyone to work out with. I work out all alone so no one is really pushing me to do more. Praise from my friend does make it easier but here’s a few things I learned about trying to get healthy.

1.) Work out before breakfast
Working out before breakfast burns more fat and stuff like that… I took that from my OTHER friend’s book, my other friend is a karate dude so yeah. Plus breakfast is kind of like a reward, you’re telling yourself “Congrats, you made your muscles hate you but here’s food so you can continue to make your muscles hate you.”

2.)Listen to music
Music helps get you pumped, it also helps you block out the pain. It gives you something else to focus on when your muscles are burning. Like the lyrics to your favorite song or that amazing beat drop in “Born for Greatness” by Papa Roach. (Notice that sly placement of my favorite song and band)

That’s all I really have, I’m SOOO helpful (Notice the sarcasm)


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