Hey everyone, happy Easter, and if you don’t celebrate Easter I hope you have an at least okay day. Today my post is about when you come out as Bisexual. I came out publicly to my middle school in seventh grade, I heard a lot of great things about the school and I was the new kid. It wasn’t at all how people make it sound when you come out. People say you get accept and that no one cares, the things is, people do care. Other girls began to ask me if I like this girl and that girl or this girl, or even if I liked everyone. I began to feel like I didn’t belong in the girl’s locker room because if I stay too long they’ll think I’m just trying to get off on seeing other girls change. Plus people made fun of me for it. They called me names like fag and lesbo. It was a terrible idea for me to come out, I was 13 and I was just being honest with people. The people who didn’t care were nice to me, I couldn’t really tell my parents why they were calling me a fag and calling me a lesbo because I wasn’t out of the closet to them yet, I’m still not out to my dad. I just had to sit and take it, I couldn’t play offense because I would get blamed for it and even if I played defense I would still be blamed for it, it’s how my school was, and people didn’t care until I left. People still give me crap online for being bisexual, if my dad knew I was bi I would never be able to have a friend without him accusing me of dating them or liking them, my mom knows and she’s supportive of it and most of my internet friends are apart of the community. There’s a verse in a song called Spectrum that goes… “You can’t think ‘say it, they’ll accept it’, Some people kick you down just because you’re different” People did kick me down because I didn’t care about gender identity, I just cared about the personality. Just when coming out, be careful, not everyone will accept you and if you come out in the wrong place, your life will be in danger.


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