I am obsessed with my best friend, it’s probably unhealthy, but hey, I never said I bared healthy habits, if my parents weren’t watching my diet it would consist of soy buffalo nuggets and Cherry Coke. I’m terrible at healthy stuff, I am trying to get better though. Anyways, I am obsessed with my best friend and I have a feeling he knows it. I try to find any way to mention him in my youtube videos, in my blog posts, to other friends, and even to my parents which I am rather surprised are completely chill about their 16 year old daughter’s best friend being in his mid thirties, but I’m not complaining because I’m the 16 year old with the friend in his mid thirties, and I SEE NO ISSUE WITH IT! I think all my friends are sick of hearing about how great my friend is. The thing is, it’s not just talking about him. I go out of my way to do things for him like shout out his bands, and right now I am planning an elaborate present for his birthday. Some of my friends and my parents think I am in love with him, and my parents even tease me about being such close friends with him. That’s all I am going to share about this, are any of you obsessed with your best friends?


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