If you guys didn’t know yet, I have a friend who lives 1200 miles away. After a few months on knowing him, I realized I wanted to meet him more than anything. i began to fantasize about it. The fantasies about traveling expanded to just leaving the city. I also noticed that leaving my old apartment and moving into the city aligned with wanting to leave. I think wanting to visit my friend and my sudden interest in photography and film made me want to take photos of everything that sparks my interest. I also think that leaving the place I grew up sort of sparked something in me that made me want to just keep running as far as I can. I also think that feeling trapped makes me want to leave. It’s partially my fault I feel trapped. I rarely leave the house if I’m not told to go out, but I feel trapped because it seems that I don’t really matter to anyone but my best friend. It’s not like my parents don’t get why I dye my hair and wear ripped and customized clothes and why I want to work at Hot Topics, and like the music I like, I got all that from them, my mom plans on dying her hair this summer while she’s off work. But it just seems like I don’t belong so I want to run to places I feel safe, which is places I’m alone generally. So that’s why I have a love for travel.


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