I feel slightly trapped at home. I wouldn’t even call this place a home. I’m just trapped in this apartment, with nothing that makes me feel at home, this apartment feels like it’s just for show. It makes me depressed, I haven’t been sleeping as much and that’s just the start. I want to make music but I’ve just been so out of it, my youtube channel is suffering too. I feel like not doing anything, I’ve been watching too much netflix and my friend tries to motivate me to do work, but in the end I just can’t I feel no creative energy from my surroundings. In my room I had posters of people I idolized, I had my drawings pinned up to the walls and now everything caters towards my parents taste and nothing really fits me. If you don’t know I am a punk, I like chains, I have blue hair and I love rock bands. I love band shirts and I love painting and drawing on the walls. I don’t have that freedom to design my surroundings the way I like my surroundings. So that’s been making me feel very tense and trapped. My best friend helps though. Do you know how I feel?


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