Hey guys, I’m going to be talking about the one of the classes I hated with a passion… PE aka Physical Education. I absolutely hated this class, I was a girl who enjoyed drawing and gaming, running and having my boobs bounce around was not something I enjoyed, and even with a sports bra they bounced so don’t say “You should have worn a sports bra.” This isn’t about why I hate this class, but this is about why what they “teach” Is a load of bull. In PE you have to participate in a various sports and physical activities. I don’t have an issue with the running, push ups, sit ups, jumping jacks, and so on. I have an issue with the fact they force kids to play sports that some people hate. I don’t give a crap about basket ball, knowing the specifics on how it works won’t help me in the future, I don’t care about volley ball or dodge ball or kick ball, that is what’s bull. I have never once played any of those sports outside of when the school forced me to play them for a grade. Those sports don’t help me. I was talking to a person online and I mentioned that they should teach self defense. Self defense could actually help kids in the future, unlike making them play sports they have no interest in, or at least let kids pick what sports they actually want to learn and don’t force them to do something they hate.


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