So as some or all of you know, I’m 16, and my best friend is a 36 year old man. But that’s not the only adult friend I have. I have quite a few adult friends. They come in handy because they’re your friends, not your parents. What I mean by that is, you can tell them things you wouldn’t tell your parents and they’ll give you advice that someone the age of your parents would give. So you have the wiseness of a parent but the comfort and safety of a friend. Here’s a list of things you can talk about with your adult friend.

1.) Why your parents do certain things.

As a teenager, I often don’t really get why my parents do certain things. So talking to my adult friends who are also parents, it can help me get a clearer view of what they’re going through.

2.) Sex

Being a teenager you start to discover things about yourself, and you start thinking about dirty things and want to do dirty things. Some people like myself aren’t super close with their parents. So talking to your parents about sex and protection is something that isn’t really possible. Talking to your adult friends you can get a realistic basic knowledge on protection.

3.) sexuality

If you’re like me it took you a while to come out to your parents if you’re a part of the LGBTQ+ community. It was really helpful talking to my friends who were parents and were adults about my sexuality and to help me feel it out. For a while I was confused about how I was feeling and I found I was bisexual.

That’s just some of what you can talk to your adult friends about. I hope this helped. Of course I mean adult friends you can trust, I don’t talking to adult friends about personal things until I’ve known them for a while.


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