I know I don’t usually do movie reviews because I kind of suck at the whole reviewing thing, but I do want to review this movie. It was kind of really awesome in my opinion. It got a lot of bad reviews, but I don’t know why. I think this is one of the better space movies. Not as good as Event Horizon, but still pretty good. I’m not sure if you guys are aware of the game Prey, but basically in a summary there are these alien organisms. They evolve quickly into more advanced versions of themselves, more lethal. Well the Alien in life gave me a lot of Prey vibes. It looks exactly like the Typhon from Prey. I’ll show you the comparison.
See! Don’t they look similar??? Anyways, I got real prey vibes from the Alien. I really enjoyed the movie outside the fact I kept thinking about Prey. It was suspenseful the whole time. I liked how they kept making smart moves too. Well Rory (Ryan Reynolds character) made a very stupid move, but without that stupid move there would be no movie, but outside that stupid move they made great choices, and for me it’s really rare to see good choices in movies. You always see the basic cliches and you didn’t really see those in life. I was always on the edge of my seat and bouncing around because I was so into the movie. I loved the graphicness of the movie too. When the alien crawled down Rory’s throat I was gagging. I loved how they kept it going even after he died. I loved the twist at the end, even thought it’s obvious they were setting it up for a possible sequel. Where the alien makes it to earth and the girl who was supposed to survive gets hurled into the nothingness of space. I do think that last choices were really dumb, even though they were going to reenter the earths atmosphere, the alien had a chance not to survive, and they decided not to take that risk. Like they were saying throughout the entire movie the alien needs food, water, and oxygen to survive, meaning that it was actually very likely the alien wouldn’t have survived, even if it can store oxygen. Because it’s possible that with the reentry of the shuttle, the fire would basically burn anything living or remotely flammable to ash. So taking the shuttles was a horrible idea, but over all I do love this movie I actually want to own the movie.


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