If you guys don’t know me and my best friend are very far apart. I know people like to say internet friendship isn’t a real friendship, but it is. I met my best friend a year and almost a half ago. He and I live in 2 different countries and to add onto that our age gap is of 20 years. So let’s just say, when I can travel alone, he will probably be too busy for a real meet up, besides for coffee or something, yes I’m 16, yes I have a coffee addiction already, deal with it. I used to love coffee, then hate it, now I love it again. Anyways, that’s not what I wanted to talk about… My internet friendship is the most real friendship I ever had. We may be hundreds of miles apart, but he still changed me, he is continuing to change me into a better, happier person. People say internet friendship isn’t real, well, to people who understand it, the distance between people doesn’t mean anything, it’s the emotional connection between the people that matter, and I’ve had a stronger emotional connection with my best friend than anyone else in my life, online or not. He has cared more about me than any other friend in my life and he has pushed me to fight my depression, to fight my anxiety, to fight ever negative part of my life. All the while dealing with the stresses of real life. I just wanted to brag about my best friend again, sorry if you guys are sick about hearing about my amazing friend, actually no I’m not, I love his face! Well there you are more bragging about my best friend, I hope you all have a great day.


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